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Where do I start…lots to do and so little time.. I always had too many hobbies…now I have added web editing on the list too so I'd better get a bit done…


January 2010

Well… it's been a good old fashioned winter so far this year…lots of nice snow …so I had a few trips out to get some new pictures…have a look here

Snow Pics

Now February is coming fast...It's a short month and seems to rush by.... then suddenly we are fighting to get ready for EASTER and the busy times are upon us again.

. But Spring in Beck Hole is wonderful..and we're hoping for as good a year as the last  once it gets started……soon the wild daffodils and blackthorn blossom will be out in the woods with the bluebells to follow…and then the unforgettable smell of the wild garlic !!!


My ducks and hens will have nice fresh grass instead of mud in the fields opposite the pub…where you and I can enjoy watching them…. over the wall or from the garden…

talking of walls…if you’ve been before you will notice it’s been ‘Andrew'd…’ the ravages of time…..sheep …and drivers using stones to chock their car wheels whilst parking on the bankside had left it in a bad state

It’s been completely taken down and rebuilt…now you can really appreciate the wonderful stones and his amazing craftsmanship !  and it  keeps the stock in and the sheep out…..which is what its really there for …

We found some lovely treasures too…. Stones with fossilised ferns and embedded shells…

If YOU need any walling done…    contact      Andrew Fordham-Brown    01653 669447


It’s been a bit of a bit of a ‘stone’ time just lately……at last I have found the cup and ring stones on the moor above beck Hole.. !

A local chap used to tell me he found them once but seemed to have ‘lost’ them again.. and I’ve wandered up there often hoping to come across one.. Then one bright cold day I set off determined to track them down…I’d been looking at a wonderful website


 there the stones were described and one had a GPS reference…that was my starting point and I managed to find four more before my fingers and face were frozen and I came home for a good slug of last years sloe brandy to warm me up !

          Two of the carved stones I found…


Sitting  with the wind at my back on a cushion of heather and bilberry. ...I wondered what these designs looked like before 3.000 years of wind and weather…and who it was who sat perhaps just where I was…patiently working away with some fragment of harder stone….and why ?.


April 2008  

Our last day off till November...

had a yearning to go see Castlerigg Stone Circle..

just a couple of hours across country on the A66, just outside Keswick

lovely trip over but a wild and windy night with sleet and rain..and still gales on Tuesday..waited for as long as my fingers would let me for a shaft of sun ..not my lucky day...but did get one or two atmospheric shots

here's my favourite

castle rigg cumbria 1.4.08


Time flies.. and I've found a few minutes to review my own page !!

have a look at these few pics from our scottish trip at the end of last year and this years holiday in Venice.

click here for Scotland


click here for Venice








Hen News

By May 2008 our little flock had dwindled to three hens and a cockerel

three hens and a cockerel

Tyrone, Teeth,  Pteradactyl  and  KP

        and so we were on the lookout for recruits..

Eventually found the right hens and a free afternoon to go and collect them..my very handsome and gentlemanly cockerel, Tyrone, could hardly believe his luck...here they are .

Goldie ...dorking hen


Ruby ...red dorking hen


Mrs Tiverton ...dark dorking hen


Totty...cuckoo orpington hen


Talulah ..cockoo orpinton hen


Then there were 9..and summer 2009 brought a new Cockerel..Louis .. a bevvy of Buff Orpingtons..

and a brood of CHICKS for the first time in ages..three Barnevelders (they will lovely brown eggs when they grow up ) and three Black Orpingtons...

shouldn't run out of eggs this summer...