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Paintings, Prints and Picture Frames


I have always been a bit of a dabbler !

.and would probably have stayed that way if my friend Mavis hadn't suggested I accompany her to a local art class one winter afternoon seven years ago..

First time I was too scared even to put brush to paper.. but our tutor, local artist Robert Brindley, soon had me totally hooked. Take a look at his wonderful website and you'll see why !


Members of his art group paint in their chosen medium.. oils, pastels , pen and ink, and watercolour .I fell in love with watercolour and pick up my brushes whenever I can.

A deep rooted passion for photography and the good fortune to live in this wonderful place are a sound foundation ..all I have to do is practice ! and after a busy time at the pub there's nothing better for clearing your head than to put on some music and get into a good painting session.even if you don't end up with a masterpiece it's the perfect therapy !

With Robert's encouragement I eventually did something worth framing and more followed.

Neil , my husband, decided he'd have a go at framing them for me and enjoyed it so much he ended up buying a bigger shed and professional equipment and framed full time for local artists and art groups until 2005 when he joined me in running the pub. now he's back to framing just mine again.


Why Pixieland ?

.. Well.. it's a long story but all down to our long lost Sid who was wise in the ways of the world.and the truest of friends. He considered Beck Hole and the Birch Hall Inn to be high on his list of the worlds magical places and always relished the Pixilation that came over him the minute he arrived here .so there it is !







Beck Hole and it's setting are an artists paradise and many people come here to sketch and paint and take a little of the magic home.

Living here for 30 years hasn't lessened it's ability to take my breath away as it changes with the weather and the seasons.it's still a place of daily inspiration . Ideas are plentiful but time is scarce with a pub to run, and I don't produce a great many paintings so I've printed some of my favourite pictures as Notelets.

They are in packs of six different summer and winter views of the pub and the surrounding area.. you can get them in our little shop, and this year I even did some Christmas cards too.

Click here to order notelets

Summer Winter

                 3.00 per pack inc p & p

A selection of my summer paintings

           a few pictures from my summer selection