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THe Quoit piches on the green at Beckhole

A QUOITS Match in Progress..

Quoit match in progress

Our Saturday individual days are usually blessed with lovely weather as you can see from these two pics sent to me by my Uncle Ray !!! There are upto 50 entries on each day and a good attendance of spectators.

Spectators enjoy the annual Individual Quoits Championship at Beckhole

The Beckhole.Quoit Club is arguably the most famous Quoit Club in England, mainly due to a BBC TV  documentary entitled ' Big Day at Beck Hole ' which featured some of the present day players at work and play in 1986.

Records show that the pitches in Beck Hole were in their present position in the year 1882.

It's thought they were most likely laid by the landlord of the then Lord Nelson Inn for the

entertainment of his local customers and the influx

of workmen engaged in the construction of

Randymere Reservoir.

The Lord Nelson Inn was the headquarters of the

club until it was closed in 1940 when it transferred

to it's current base at the Birch Hall Inn.

The team take part in two local leagues during the summer, with matches played each Monday and Thursday evening. beginning about 7pm.



The Layout of Beck Hole

A plan of the Hamlet of Beckhole


Each team in the league hosts an Open Individual Championship on successive Saturdays throughout the season, when play begins at lunchtime and continues  (..with a mid afternoon break for tea of course..) until one player emerges victorious at the end of the day !

Beck Hole's Individual is customarily held on the first Saturday in August, drawing players from a wide area, all striving to win the traditional  first prize of a Copper Kettle.

On the first Saturday in July the Beck Hole Club also hold an Open Handicap, to encourage up and coming players, in which the more accomplished competitors are handicapped by a number of points according to their expertise, when drawn against less experienced players.

The Beck Hole team enjoy taking part in the Annual World Championship held each year as well as various inter-club Cup Matches during the summer months . In winter they keep their hand in at an indoor pitch in Whitby as well as maintaining the team spirit with social get togethers and fund raising events.

These include regular raffles at each game ( first prize is a platter of everything you could want for a mammoth breakfast ) , the Annual Dinner in November when they entertain fellow league members, wives and friends, followed in December by a Christmas Domino Knockout and Prize Draw where the lucky winners have chance to take home the Christmas Goose !

In the long dark days of February they look forward to the Players Dinner.....hopefully accompanied by the twinkle  of silver trophies.in the Bar of the Birch Hall Inn.


If you're interested in finding out more look on the website of the National Quoits Association at