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Bar Menu ...served during all opening hours !

Pork Pie and Pickle ........... 2.40

Individually made at our excellent local butchers, RADFORDS of SLEIGHTS in the traditional way, these might just be the best pork pies this side of heaven

Beck Hole Butty ....... 3.40

Old Fashioned flatcakes or stotties made from a light wholemeal bread baked specially for us by BOTHAMS of WHITBY, quartered and filled with your choice from

                   HOME ROAST HAM

                     CHEDDAR CHEESE

          CORNED BEEF

                FARMHOUSE PATE

Hot Drinks
Pot of tea per person ....         1.90
Filter Coffee Per Cup ....         2.20
Hot Chocolate .......     ` `       2.20

Scones & Cake.. home made of course

Buttered Fruit
Scone .. .   . ...£1.60
Scone with Jam.......         .   1.90
Scone with Jam & Cream .. .2.20

Beer Cake . . . .............. .    £2.20 

The Famous Beck Hole Beer Cake......fruit soaked overnight in beer makes for a moist and malty loaf, spread with butter. it's.the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea & even better with a pint of beer !



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A simple but sustaining menu served at the barwhenever we're open