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Free drinks for dogs...

We're all dog-daft at the Birch hall Inn, and well behaved dogs on leads are welcome in the bars and garden. In fact, sometimes there are more dogs than people as you can see in the photo opposite.... when the Basset Rescue Group arived on their annual St George's day Walk .there were over fourty Bassets.....!

There's always a drink outside, dog chews in the shop and the beck is handy to cool those walk-weary paws in summer.

We enjoy meeting the dogs who visit, and if it's not too hectic we often take a quick snap of our check out our top dog and have a look at our own canine collection.

.The Pub Dog...BRUGA

She's an Italian Spinone..who holds down a demanding job in the customer relations dept. as well as joining the boys on shoot days and occasionally strutting her stuff in the show ring. we love her to bits and often see her brothers who live nearby for mad playtime....


Our last dog - Busby
An Irish Wheaten terrible - I mean Terrier - she almost reached 16 .. deaf and lumpy but  still as mad as a hatter.
Loved people but would have fought anything else if she had chance, silly girl !! She got her name from a dream when we lost Polly, our lovely springer spaniel.. ...Ozzy, Colins Staffy, was so lonely we were worried about her. Talking in his sleep, Neil said 'it's OK she's got her Busby to talk to..' seeing a tall furry guardsman helmet beside her. So we didn't have to think too hard to choose a name for her next playmate.

Busby enjoys a walk in the fields above beckhole

Colin's dog - Ozzy
She was 15 and the best Staffy in the world.

Ate half our furniture for the first 18 months, neat chillies cured her but left her with a yearning for spicy food. 

A bit creaky in the legs and very white in the face but time was when she could carry logs as big as herself. Everyone's friend, she was our pub 'rent a dog' for many years in her prime and would happily take visitors on all her favourite walks.... Now retired and taking life easy in the place dogs go when it's time to go...

Ozzy asleep as usual on the warm flagstones outside the pub



Doggallery...your dog could be here...

A basset rally calls in at the Birch Hall Inn for lunch

DOG of the DAY.
Bruga had a Very Dapper Gentleman Caller today...Boris ...tho she was playing it cool...all he got was a dog treat out of the jar !!

two cheeky Border Terrier girls enjoying the Spring sunshine .

setting off on a trip to Scarborough who should I find outside but these two lovelies visiting from Lincolnshire....the handsome hairy chap on the right is 14 years old... and still up for lots of cuddles. needless to say my trip was somewhat delayed !!!