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Big Bar

Order your beer through the serving hatch which is the outside wall of the front room of the original cottage, with built-in bench seats and a fireplace for chilly days and evenings.

The tables come from the waiting room of the old Beck Hole station, and just inside the door is a 'settle' that could tell a tale or two.

Lots of photographs around the walls give you a glimpse of the past, and the old salt cupboard in the corner now holds trophies won by the Beck Hole Quoits Team.




Opened in the 1860's to sell provisions to the many miners and railway workers and their families who moved to Beck Hole in the boom time of the Industrial Revolution. The shop, sandwiched between the two bars, sells sweets, ice creams & soft drinks, postcards, plasters, stamps, tissues & toothbrushes.

You'll find sweets you haven't seen for years,  from aniseed balls to liquorice root, pear drops to pontefract cakes, and our irresistibly wicked fudge. Even sweets for a penny each so you can mix & match your own !



Little Bar

With access directly to benches outside, this bar is very busy in fine weather. On chilly days it's a cosy place to meet new people or amuse the kids with our  collection of curosities.  

Originally part of the shop, it still has all the shelves around the walls. Although nowadays they're full of our own 'precious things' and childhood treasures.

You could play 'I Spy' for a lifetime in here and never have the same thing twice !

Not quite the smallest bar in the country but not far off.

But small as it is the record number we've had inside with the door shut stands, as of June 2010, at 30 and two ( very small ) dogs.


Terrace and Garden

As of August 2010 youl no longer have to climb the two flights of old stone steps at the side of the pub to enjoy outdoor seating

We have made a new garden by the riverside...

more spacious,more sheltered and all on the level so it has easy access for everyone all year round..... .

Well behaved children and dogs on lead are welcome in the garden as well as in the little bar.



Inside the Big Bar in winter




Inbetween the two bars is the sweet shop




Inside the Little Bar




Summer 2011 in our new riverside garden