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tried just about everything. Ex-teacher, photographer, chef and school dinner-lady. Took on the pub with her brother Colin  in 1981. Never looked back!

Looking after her gardens, and her collection of hens. ducks,and pigs keeps her sane during the busy days of summer. Loves painting, long walks, trips to Scotland. but most of all...living here. Said a fond goodbye to the  'Bouncy Castle' - a Classic Commer Highwayman Camper and hello to a nice new all singing all dancing swift motorhome.. just the thing for roaming the highlands off season ..

 Became 'landlady' of the Birch Hall Inn at the end of October 2004 when Colin retired  ! . just couldn't leave !!

See my page for more info and some of my photographs....


Loves the outdoor life and living at Beck Hole suits him fine...                                                                        First met  Glenys when he was 12 and she was his teacher..saw her again when he delivered ice cream to the Birch Hall Inn and married her in 1992.       Framing her art work grew into his own business until 2004 when he joined Glenys running the pub.


our latest addition...we've known her since she was a wee babe so she's almost part of the family.. currently helping out inthe shop and kitchen but keen to learn to pull pints when she's old enough...   


steps into the breach to help out occasionally in summer ....he lives in what was the other pub in Beck Hole ... 'The Lord Nelson' which closed in 1940 ..

Sharon & Louise.                                  

come all the way from Sheffield to join in the collective madness behind the bar and lend a hand to keep us going at busy weekends in summer .they'll be back !!!!

Shirley and Ian.

You may have met our former recruits a few summers ago......they too came to the rescue when we had a sudden staff shortage and kept coming back for more !

Long time visitors to Goathland and the pub they eventually moved nearby...Iin the early years .we knew them only as Mr and Mrs 'Central Heating' ..in those days they were camping.so Ian would always wear his big blue hand-knitted cable jumper no matter how hot and crowded the bar got... .gathering up residual heat and getting redder and redder till it was time to go back to the tent !

Sadly Shirley is no longer with us ..we'll all miss her and all the laughs we had...but I'm sure you'll still see Ian on glass-collecting duties at busy times.....



Gill, a friend from long ago who popped back into our lives  when she was about to retire from a career in nursing and was looking for a part-time job....we snapped her up. Sadly she was taken ill and died suddenly in the spring of 2004. but anyone who was lucky enough to catch her serving in the bar or sweetshop will know what a truly special person she was....we all miss her lots. she was our little midget gem!


Dad .survived the war, enjoyed a life of football and fishing and drove massive cranes at ICI for 26 years.

Sold up and came to Beck Hole at the end of our first year here, and was our right-hand-man in the DIY department .

A born joker, he'd be  outside with his cup of tea on sunny days - always ready for a chat. Sadly we said goodbye to him in the summer of 2002, and things will never be quite the same ..but one thing's for sure.he'll always be remembered with a smile !


Plastic Dog was rescued from a skip in the 60's he lived in the peace of our back garden 'till Dad brought him here in 1981. He's had a happy but hectic life outside the shop ever since - pushed, pulled and ridden by successive generations of kids, and eventually in need of  a bit of  make-over and a new set of wheels. If you miss seeing him outside you'll find him relegated to inside duties..guarding the shop.



Colin .

He left home and went to sea at sweet 16. Travelled the world on P&O liners and eventually got off at 'the other end'. He settled in Australia for 3 years, got behind a bar when he came home and ended up here as landlord when he and Glenys bought the pub in 1981..retired in October 2004 after doing his best work for 23 years

Mad about dogs, his lovely garden and classic cars. Recently parted with  ' Mavis ' the Daimler, and  'April ' the Wolseley to buy ' Geoffrey ' a two tone grey 1948 Rover   P3..looking forward to lots of trips out when the salt's all gone from the road !